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Benjamin Angerer does not design lamps but brings light into form. 

The restless modern life longs for symmetry. 

Symmetry gives life peace. And rhythm. And focus. 

Light defines what we perceive and we define the direction of light. Without light, there is no beauty. 

Benjamin Angerer's sculptures reinterpret the power of Platonic bodies and make clear statements in space. 
Recycled wood, geometric form, soft light. 

Swiss pine fills the room with fragrance and preserves through its essential oils. Bread stays fresh longer. 

The kitchen looks better.


Standing or swinging, the perspectives are rich. Infinitely applicable. Placeable everywhere. 

Space for fun in a playful design language. Toy boxes in fact. Their symmetry fits into any living space. 

A beautiful childhood memory.

Life is full of little experiences that we want to share. The grounding light mood of this lamp is one of them. Exclusive in design and limited in edition.


When it comes to recycling, it doesn't always have to be wood. In any case, a commitment to special angles and edges.

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